the birth of abbey rogues

abbey rogues from the beginning

the year was 2001 and after a chance meeting through a mutual friend, gary and jon soon realised that they had much in common, despite gary being signifcantly older than jon; their love of football; darts; snooker; and music. although already having over a decade of dj'ing experience under his belt, gary had only just started dabbling with the guitar. what he lacked in ability he had an abundance of confidence. jon on the other hand had bundles of ambition and had been playing the guitar for nearly a decade and was no stranger to singing but was severly lacking in confidence: it was a perfect match.

through evenings spent talking about music at the snooker hall at burnham-on-crouch's constitutional club, jon and gary decided that they would like to start a group together. gary thought his friend tony, the smoothest plum in the punnet would also like to join them. after all, every dirty hard working engine needs a pretty face. he did and frontrow was formed; an acoustic covers trio.

as frontrow grew in popularity and confidence, frontrow recorded their first demo cd and their potential started to blossom.

in 2004, after a few years rehearsing together, jon, gary and tony formed "abbey rogues" with the help of their studio manager, nick. with a passion for beatles, "abbey rogues" started off life as a beatles tribute band (wigs and all). from underneath the heat of said wigs, it was obvious quite early on that abbey rogues was not destined to become a beatles tribute act after all. the decision was made to just play great music, no frills, no gimics and absolutely no wigs.

despite having only played the rythm guitar up to now, tony had to up his game, as he agreed to jump on to the bass. the original line up of jon (lead guitar and lead vocals), gary (rhythmn guitar and lead vocals), tony (bass guitar and backing vocals) and nick (percussion and backing vocals) started performing in various clubs and pubs around essex.

as nick moved on to persue his career in the buddy holly shows, marc arrived on the scene, a quiet glaswegian boy speaking very little english and shortly after, his friend ben wowed us on lead guitar.

abbey rogues are a proud and home-made success story. what they have built, they did from nothing. they are humbly grateful for the support that you have shown them over the years and hope that you continue to do so.

over the years, abbey rogues have now raised over £10,000 for charity (figure correct as at 2018). what is not just important but paramount to their life together is that people should understand the power of music. bands should not be about the money, but about sharing an experience of happiness and joy.