jon jackson

role in abbey rogues - rhytm guitar & lead vocals

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father of 2 and part time chimpanzee, jon jackson is one of the founding members of abbey rogues.

although having played musical instruments since a relatively tender age (piano at 8 and guitar at 14), jon did not start singing until he joined his sister, lizi in the school choir, "the bancroft singers". he toured europe with the choir and had his first taste of the limelight, when jon was asked to sing the solo for glenn miller's, chattanooga choo-choo. although typically a shy boy, jon fell in love with singing at this moment and dreamed of one day having the confidence to sing on stage.

at the age of 15, jon took the part of rythm guitarist and formed his first band (the band was never named), with school friend matt, matt's brother craig and their friend, lee. although they never gigged, they rehearsed the hell out of anything by greenday, nirvana or weezer in craig's bedroom.

at 17, jon formed "no refund" with school friend alex, where he enjoyed his first taste of vocal work. despite alex being profficient in both lead guitar and drums, both he and jon took the position of rythm guitarist and vocalist in this dynamic duo. this part of jon's life saw his first ever gig in 1998 at sloanes in chigwell after they stayed after hours for a lock-in. they were later called back for a repeat performance a year on.

when jon reached the tender age of 21, he left home and moved to southminster with his sweetheart, cassandra. there he met gary and they collaborated with tony to create "frontrow", a 3 piece acoustic group. as the popularity of frontrow grew, the boys were joined by drummer nick, whos studio they used to rehearse each week.

in 2004, jon, gary and tony formed abbey rogues with nick and that is where our story begins.

in late 2017, jon and gary created "the double tops", after seeing a gap in the market for affordable pub groups. jon also joined local choir "the big sing", a gospel choir that helps bring communities closer together.