tony martin

role in abbey rogues - bass guitar & backing vocals

unofficial sponsor - moët

an accomplished athlete, chef, exotic dancer and musician, tony’s foray into music began whilst at primary school where he learnt to play the guitar, and then onwards to attempting drums & saxophone throughout secondary school before his sports career kicked off and music had to take a backseat.

he picked up his musical career with jon & gary in an acoustic 3 piece called front row, and once he had a taste of being on stage he became hooked…..

tony’s music taste is many and varied and ranges from the beatles (obvs), to the jam and being a complete paulweller-o-phile via dips into andrea bocelli, tosca & doris day.

tony has been with abbey rogues since the very start – their first gig being at his wedding to gary’s sister karen over 12 years ago – the first time he had played bass in public.

now preferring to let the singers steal the limelight, tony enjoys being a solid part of the heartbeat of the band with his muckers Ben & Marc……